Story Training: Parts 1 & 2 

The Story-formed Way was designed to both lead people through the basics of the Gospel and provide a foundational structure for the key doctrines of Christianity.  If you are taking a mixed group of believers and unbelievers through it you will better establish the believers in the foundations and show them how to have Gospel conversations with Unbelievers. At the same time, the unbelievers are exposed to the Gospel and will learn how to share it themselves once they come to faith.



Neighborhood or Network? 

Should we start a missional community that is only neighborhood based, or should we start a misssional community that is more network based?  Meaning, should we prioritize place or people group? 

In this video, Caesar Kalinowski explains some of these details on how to answer this question for your community. 



Proactive & Reactive

When starting a missional community, many will ask the question: How do we all have the same context for mission if we aren't living in the same neighborhood?

What we have found is that people have both a proactive and reactive mission.



Our Identities in Christ

As we look at the very beginning of The Story and follow it through to the end we see four key Identities that stand out that we believe are all grounded in God and His Work: Family (Sons of God), Missionaries (Sent Ones of God), Servants (Belong to God for His Work) and Learners (Disciples of Jesus Christ taught by the Spirit of God).



The Four G's

In Tim Chester's book You Can Change he identified four liberating truths about God. He suggested that underlying all our sinful behavior and negative emotions is a failure to believe one of these truths at a functional level.

These four liberating truths offer a great diagnostic tool for addressing sin in our lives and in the lives of others.



The Power, Purpose & Motivation of the Gospel

Often we have heard, taught and believed only part of the Good News of the Gospel. In order to have our lives and practice radically changed we need a fuller understanding of both the POWER and the PURPOSE of the Gospel. When it comes to motivating ourselves or others whom we lead on Mission, staying motivated has too often become either "carrot or stick"...reward or punishment. 



Discipleship Environments

Discipleship does not just happen in a series of lessons or classes. In order to be fully formed as a disciple of Jesus it must happen Life on Life, Life Together, Life on Mission.



Missional Community Training

In this video series, you will find how simplistic it is to live out the mission of God to make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.