GCM Collective Community

The GCM Collective Exists to Promote, Create and Equip Gospel Communities on Mission. Be a part of this movement.  

Join the GCM Collective Community.  It's free!  When you enter your email, you will receive an email invite with login instructions in the next few days, after we review the entry to ensure it is valid.  We won't spam you or sell your email address, it is only used to invite you into the community.

Why Join the GCM Collective?

A Community of Missional Thinkers

Thousands of missional leaders and thinkers are gathered together online to share insight, experiences, resources, prayer and more to help you in your effort to lead a local community on mission. Engage in meaningful conversations with others from around the world or who live near you.

Discussions & Messaging

Groups allow you to join the conversations that are most important to you.  Get a daily email digest of new conversations, reply to email to post or login to interact.  

Resource Sharing

Upload and share resources.   The community site has an open source policy toward exchanging files.  Grab the resources you see on this website and many others and edit them for your local needs.  Request the resources you need to fulfill the mission. Join and download files such as:

  • Contextualization Assessment Starter
  • Understanding and Studying the City
  • Intergrating community and mission into your normal routine
  • Mission through community
  • Questions to help you understand your neighbourhood
  • The difference between gospel communities and house groups
  • Missional Community Leader Role Description
  • Small Groups. From Participant to Leadership
  • Missional Community Formation
  • and many others.

Prayer & Needs

Share prayer requests and pray for one another.  Prayers that are posted can include the urgency, be tagged to include the people or primary areas that need prayer.  People can respond with encouragement, scripture or even let the person know they prayed for them.   

Post the needs you have for resources or help for others to jump in to assist you. 


Keep aware of important Missional-minded Events  

Stay aware of the important missional events throughout the year on one site.  Be in the know of the large national conferences but also the local training events to equip your missional community leaders.  Connect with others in your city to reach the city with the gospel.

All this and much more!