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Story Training Videos

    In this two part training, Caesar Kalinowski works through not only the why of storying through the Bible, but also how to do this in the community you've been called to.

    Story Training Part 1 from Caesar Kalinowski on Vimeo.

    Story Training - Part 2 from Caesar Kalinowski on Vimeo.

    The Story-formed Way was designed to both lead people through the basics of the Gospel and provide a foundational structure for the key doctrines of Christianity. If you are taking a mixed group of believers and unbelievers through it you will better establish the believers in the foundations and show them how to have Gospel conversations with Unbelievers. At the same time, the unbelievers are exposed to the Gospel and will learn how to share it themselves once they come to faith.

    The other bonus of this activity is that it provides a variety of stories through which to see the Redemptive work of God thus giving the believer many different forms to engage in Gospel Conversation. For example, when dealing with someone struggling with financial provision, one could share the story of God feeding the Israelites in the wilderness and ultimately pointing to how Jesus is the bread of life that most deeply satisfies. Then go on to show that if God would give us his very best to meet our deep spiritual hunger, why wouldn’t he also give us everything else that we need. The more Biblical Stories we know, the more versatile we become in engaging in Gospel conversations.

    Below you will find, not only the entire 10 Week Story Formed Way material, but also the training material that Caesar trains on in the videos above.

    The Story Formed Way

    The Story Training Guide