Learning Communities

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Learning Communities

    3DM Launch : How LC's Work from 3DM on Vimeo.

    3DM Launch Overview

    3DM LAUNCH exists to empower and equip Christians to make disciples that make disciples in the everyday rhythms of life. We offer you the very best help available to see strong missional communities started, new leaders and communities multiplied, and when appropriate, the forming of MC gatherings/congregations (new churches) and networks that will transform your city.

    Our Approach

    We empower and equip Christian leaders to start and multiply gospel centered communities that make disciples through a variety of profound biblical principals, using tools that are easy to learn and pass on to others.

    Our approach is holistic, yet simple, scalable and reproducible:

    Gospel: We help you see how the Gospel is truly good news for every area of life. You will grow in your “gospel fluency” and naturally lead others in the same ways.

    Community: You will learn how to live as an oikos–an extended family–where discipleship happens, not as a series of programs or lessons, but as a lifestyle with others. 

    Mission: You will learn how to keep the mission (making disciples) clear, up-front and organic; a part of everyday life, while seeding multiplication into everything you do.

    For more information go to the site: 

    3DM Launch